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Christian Finel, software craftsman, DDs stuffs addict - @macreiben.

About me

I’m a software developper since I graduated from Supinfo in 2007. At the time I coded in Java using Struts MVC with Hibernate. It was Firefox 1.4 era and the beginning of JQuery ^^.

I did learn my job on a J2EE project. So placing the code at the correct place mattered since the beginning of my career.

Then I moved to ASP.Net MVC around 2010, then Silverlight where I met the MVVM pattern. I continued with WPF (RIP Silverlight). Then I came back to web with VueJS/Vuex.

I worked in banking, industrial and medical sectors.

My profile

I use a lot of “DD” suffixed philosophies in my day to day work :

  • TDD
  • DDD
  • BDD

I really like to present those during my missions.

I’m an adept of clean code and best practices. I truly believe in the Software Craftsmanship manifesto. I believe even more in the Agile values.

I’ve been trained on Scrum and I got Scrum Master Certification altough I’m not a “Scrum by the book” guy. I see agile frameworks like toolboxes to solve a team problems.

I try to go to craft oriented conferences as often as possible.


I’ve been hired by Arolla in mid 2017. I usually go to NCrafts, every year. I’ll try to go to DDDEurope from now on.

During my mission I made DDD introduction talk in 2017. I’m preparing a talk on BDD philosophy in 2018.

I’m coding on an Azure based project with Vue/Vuex and Knockout web applications.

The human resource corner

  • Languages: C#, JS (basics), SQL, Java
  • UI frameworks: WPF, Vue/Vuex (started in late 2017), Bootstrap 3
  • ORM: Entity Framework, NHibernate
  • Persistence: ADO.Net
  • Testing frameworks: MSTest, NUnit, XUnit, Jasmine, Jest
  • Logging frameworks: log4net/NLog
  • Databases (as developper): SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL
  • Microsoft Azure components (since mid 2017):
    • WebApp
    • IoT Hub
    • Stream Analytics
    • Azure Functions
    • Storage Account
    • Event Hub

NB: I don’t consider myself as an Azure expert :).