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Domain Driven Design BBL at Qualcommlife Paris

I’ve done a BBL version of my DDD introduction talk in Qualcomm Life Paris.

This one was very challenging because I had to compress a two hour talk in one hour.

I’m looking forward to present it again. The slides are here.

Next event, DDDEurope 2019 Amsterdam, as a visitor :).

How to fail inheritance

Inheritance abuses bores me. I’m sorry to tell this, but IT teaching is often responsible.

The course usually say something like this:

When behaviour is used in several classes, then create a root class and put your code in there in a protected method. So all the children classes can reuse the behaviour.

So inheritance is solving the reusability problem.

I learnt to code this way, with a bunch of animals as examples.

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Green addict

I use tests frameworks all the time. Whether I do TDD or try a code sample. It’s the faster way isn’t it ?

I become a “green addict”. I feel unconfortable when I’m not seeing green dots on my test runner - or when I do not see red dots when I change code (which frightens me much more).

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DDD Europe 2018

I was at the DDD Europe conference this year. I’m very interested in design oriented conference.

I have the feeling that the conference was not really about design, but about changing minds, point of view and improve ones understanding.

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